Zika Midge & Zika Jig

Based on the Mercury Black Beauty and the Zebra midge I developed the Zika Midge as an easy to tie durable guide fly that I can crank out a dozen in the morning before I head out to the river.

This is one of the patterns that gets a lot of air time in my angling day. It is always THE dropper fly on my nymphing rig. I do catch a rather disproportionate number of browns with this fly on my home water but teamed with a latex grub as the anchor, the equation gets balanced.

  • Hook: #14-20

  • Thread: 30D GSP such as Veevus or Semper Fli GSP thread

  • Thorax: SM black and silver Uni-wire wound together. I tie the wire in at the thorax and wind backwards towards the bend and snip it off after 5-7 turns.

  • Thorax: Black UV peacock ice dubbing.

  • Bead: Mercury or crystal glass beads.