Fifth Element - Knuckle Dragger

My Top guide fly for the Yellow Sally and PMD’s during the 2019 Summer season. Use a non slip loop knot and twitch this occasionally. Better yet…let this fly swing like a wet fly at the end of the drift. I have had astounding action on the swing with this fly.

Black & Tan Perdigon

When the “Platinum” level shops start calling me to fill their guides boxes with these jigs because a similar fly was “THE GO-TO” fly last year, you know it’s hot. I know it’s hot too. My logs are filled to the rim with this pattern. Get em while you can as supplies are limited.

Classic Polish Quill

I was standing amidst a pod of feeding fish and baetis crawling up my nose. I had forgotten about these little gems but when an adult alighted atop one of these in my box, and was a drop dead match, on it went.

Currently Available: Size 18 2.8mm black nickel bead

Dark Caddis Green Perdigone

A common free living caddis larva color scheme. Another morning pattern that I like to fish in the riffles.

Drop Dead Sexy Walt's

Part of a your complete dirty water tool box. A springtime favorite.

Dutch Bunny

Single Size: 16 2.5mm dark lilac bead.

I used to sell these a couple of years ago. I like them and it’s spring and fish are happy….

Flaming Dragster
3.00 3.15

A fly with true "mystique". The pink beads are deadly enough but add a touch oil sheen pink/copper ribbing with a flame shooting out the back end out the end reminds me of a drag race.

Ginger / Copper Brown Glam Rocker

Introducing the new Glam Rockers. These have been a top guide fly for several seasons. They will coming to a Fulling Mill dealer in 2021. Until them, get from me.

This color combo was designed to cover a wide array of small summer stoneflies along with many of the most delicious colors of PMD’s.

Green Papaya Perdigon

The incredibly effective color combo of my Green Papaya Czech Nymph translated into a perdigone. Great pattern for searching the riffles on warm summer mornings.

Glam Rocker - Golden Olive

This is it! One of the single most effective patterns that I have ever fished. Despite a crappy 2018 season in the Roaring Fork valley, I still logged over a thousand fish with nearly 70% owed to this fly.

Glam Rocker - Lt. Olive

According to my daily angling logs, this fly was the best pattern going in my lineup since 2017.

Knuckle Dragger Golden Stone

Picked up by Fulling Mill as a signature pattern. You can still buy mine right here, tied by me.
This is one of my top three producing signature patterns.

From the time I detect the first Skwala to the late september Sabulosa stones I will be employing this pattern as my anchor fly when I am scouring the trenches. It pairs well with a bank maggot during run-off or with a small polish quill during other hatches. you get the idea. It get’s used a lot. These are also very durable, I have many intact that still reside in my box that I have left-over from last year that I am still using.

Light Caddis Green - Hydropsyche

Designed to fish the riffles where the naturals live and are preyed upon.

Glows under UV illumination

Newbury's Dirty Hipster

The original Dirty Hipster pattern with a bright spot for added allure and fish catching prowess. Reports are strong on how well this fly fishing in the mid-west and in Pennsylvania streams.

Newbury's Original CDC Zika Jig

A heavy, deep version of the Zika Midge. Pronounced segmentation is a strike trigger drawing in even the most bashful fish.

Newbury's Original Zika Jig

New sizes and color options available.

Hands down, this is the single most effective fly in my box. My logs are beginning to show exceptional numbers of fish that this fly has been producing this year. I have not had a day later when I cannot draw a fish to take. I try to use other patterns, but this one always gets put back on.

OG Krush Deluxe
from 3.00

The OG Krush Deluxe is a fly is also growing in cult status around the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado and beyond. This pattern is best during the spring and autumn when trout and other fish are spawning. I had remarkable success during the autumn 2017 and spring of 2018 with this pattern. Both pink and orange bead headed flies trigger an innate egg eating response in fish.

Olive Bi-Color Perdigon

Deschutes bound anglers should grab plenty of these. I match the exact size and color of many free living caddis species found in her waters. Anglers worldwide are also given the same advice.

Peeking Caddis - American Grannom

Before summer makes its transition into fall, hatches and other bugs dwindle in frequency and size. When this happens, you may be surprised to find stomachs full of cased caddis as the fish look at scavenging on what is available. Behavioral drift also occurs as the caddis seek to establish better feeding territory within the river channel. Either way, trout will respond favorably to a cased caddis imitation drifting amongst the rocks.

Sexy Betty a Pink Bunny
3.00 3.15

Betty is back in Town.

One of my recent signature patterns is back in stock just in time for run-off season.

Sheila Possie Bugger
3.00 3.15

A very durable and deep sinking run-off buster.

Many autumn or spring days have started with this fly. Many Autumn or Spring days have also ended with this fly still attached after quality fishing. Comes with a trailer hitch incorporated into the tail to add a dropper fly.

Snowshoe Softie

Simply put...it catches fish...end of story. Tied with Snowshoe hare in a selection of popular colors.


Spring Caddis Jig - Grannom

Covers the gamut of green caddis hatches that linger all season long. Use these for the Mothers Day Caddis Hatches and the nightly caddis of summer. A guide staple in my box.