Classic Polish Quill

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Classic Polish Quill


I was standing amidst a pod of feeding fish and baetis crawling up my nose. I had forgotten about these little gems but when an adult alighted atop one of these in my box, and was a drop dead match, on it went.

Currently Available: Size 18 2.8mm black nickel bead

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I am not one to share my angling logs openly too often, but when I need to prove a point, I will capture a screenshot. the following is the account of exactly ONE of these flies:
Location: X

Patterns Used
Classic Polish Quill #18 2.8mm

  1. 16” Rainbow

  2. 18” Rainbow

  3. 14” Brown

  4. 16” Brown

  5. 16” Rainbow

  6. 10” Rainbow

  7. 12” Rainbow

  8. 10” Rainbow

  9. 14” Rainbow

  10. 15” Rainbow

  11. 17” Rainbow

  12. 16” Rainbow

  13. 14” Rainbow

  14. 14” Rainbow

  15. !5” Rainbow

Fly finally fell apart. I am left with bare hook and bead. I will merely tia another fly on the recycled chassis and start over.…