Weekly Master Fly Tying Challenge

Occasionally, I will be post a fly that I have re-imagined from a master fly dressers recipe I learned from during my fly tying life. This week I am featuring Shane Stalcup’s Green Drake Emerger from page 70 of his book: Mayflies Top to Bottom.

I invite anyone who wishes to join along by doing the same. Get creative during your next tying session and re-interpret his Green Drake Emerger with modern materials or new tying methods. Only one rule, it must adhere to the intended purpose. If it is an emerger, your pattern must effectively fish as an emerger. Aside from that, get creative and use the hashtag #flytyingmasters on instagram and tie along.


This week I present Shane Stalcup’s Green Drake Emerger from page 70 of Mayflies Top to Bottom. You have to look it up in a book.

I took the recipe and modified it to be a flymph stylle wetfly.

Hook: Tactical wetfly #16
Tail: Dark pardo CDL.
Abdomen: Natures Spirit light olive hares mask fur.
Rib: Small rust d-rib.
Thorax: Composite dubbing loop with olive CDL hen saddle and light olive hares mask. 1-2 turns only.

If you want to follow along, send me your pattern and recipe and I will post it next week. Happy tying.