Tackle Selection and Preparation​​​​​​​ for Tactical Nymphing Pt 1 - Knots

As I guide and teach many anglers in tactical nymphing, many of my them ask questions about how I choose and prepare my gear. The following post will seek to answer the many questions I get. This will be an ongoing series.


Q.) How do you attach your leader to the fly line?


Leader - Line Splice


Q.) What knots are you using to make tippet repairs?


"Orvis" or Figure 8 Follow Through Knot.


Q.) How do you attach the fly?


Davy Knot for non-jig flies

Non-Slip Loop Knot for attaching Jig Patterns.

If you tie it right, will not fail. For those that see an overhand knot as a weak point, bear in mind that the overhand knot is no longer an overhand knot after you complete all the steps in its construction.


Q.) How do I add a dropper?


Perfection Loop