Catch Statistics Comparing Two Seasons and Hook Changes.

I am a certified data geek. I log every fish that I catch and how I caught them. I can learn a lot about my sport by paying attention to data trends when I analyze the numbers in my log.

This year I switched out all of my hooks from TMC hooks to new tactical hooks such as Firehole Stix, Hanak and Moonlit. I was tired of losing so many fish on hooks that I had to pinch the barb or hooks that straightened out when I tightened the screws on a big fish.

I compared my 2015 season in which I used TMC hooks exclusively to my 2017 in which I am using tactical hooks exclusively. My 2016 season had a mixed bag of hooks with some tactical and some traditional so I discarded that data in this comparison.

I am not making any conclusions or inferences between these two charts that compare the two season. Instead, I will allow you to draw your own conclusions. Needless to say, I feel that things have improved for the percentage of losses.

A loss is defined by having a fish on the end of the line for at least three to five seconds. 


As you can see in 2017 I have fewer private fishing days than in 2015 but caught more fish. What's remarkable is that I went from losing 33.1% of fish to 12.59% of fish in 2017. As in data science, there can be many variables at play including tactics used, but I will leave that discussion alone. Let's just say I love the new range of tactical hooks now readily available on the U.S. market.