John P. Newbury

Fly Tyer, Daily Angler, Fisheries & aquatic Scientist, Gillie

Tibor Nimeth Photo

I have been tying flys and fly fishing since I was ten. It is an obsession I cannot deny. In the sixth grade my teachers had a hard time getting me to pay attention in class and pull my head out of a fly fishing book. I must have read them all by the time I was in high school. Sure, the girls got jealous of the time I spent fishing instead of courting them; some even learned to go fishing with me to spend time together, but most couldn't handle the long hours in the wilderness without a hot shower. Besides, I was there for the fishing. 

Aside from a lifelong fly fishing obsession, I enjoy fine cooking, oil and watercolor painting, photography, developing machine learning algorithms and data science programming.

Listen to a podcast where Denver Outfitters and I discuss art, science and making fishing flies.

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