John P. Newbury Nymphing the Frying Pan River in Basalt Colorado

John P. Newbury is an American fly tying craftsman specializing in modern tactical nymphing. ThIS store is operated as a one man operation.

Exclusive! V2 Tactical - Euro Nymphing Sighters

Only sold here!

I get a lot of really cool emails and message from you guys. Here is one I got today that just made me smile. Thanks!


New Inventory just added.

Labeled non-reflective bands are two improvements in tippet spool design. Two small details in your tactical portfolio that will make you a better angler.

Labeled non-reflective bands are two improvements in tippet spool design. Two small details in your tactical portfolio that will make you a better angler.

Masterclass Flourocarbon - 50m

Anyone who knows me understands I am one difficult ***** to please. I’m picky. I’ve tried so many brands of fluorocarbon tippet over time with only a few brands making the grade. Last year my mates over at Fulling Mill handed me some spools of their new Masterclass Fluorocarbon tippet. I must say I was impressed right out of the gate. You see, I am a 6x or smaller junkie rarely fishing anything heavier. In March of last year, I put two 50m spools of Master Class, 5.5x & 6x onto my tippet keeper. I fished an entire year with numerous guide days only using those two spools of Masterclass. That’s over 100 days on the water with well over a thousand fish from my private fishing alone. As of May 21st, 2019, I STILL have plenty of tippets left. Why, because I am not changing the tippet out every half hour because of delamination turning the tippet an opaque white and putting off the fish. In fact, I had on several occasion where I used the same length of tippet for the duration of my day's angling session of typically four hours.

The new Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon has the lowest refractory index of any other fluoro on the market, making it the least visible in water to fish. It's also the densest allowing it to cut through the surface tension quicker than ever before. Masterclass has a superb Diameter to Strength ratio so you can rest assured that it's incredibly strong, ultra supple and has great knot strength. With interlocking spools and a tangle-free band, this revolutionary fluorocarbon will certainly help you catch more fish. Created with a premium grade Japanese raw material and produced with 21st Century German precision engineering, this is the most advanced fluorocarbon on the market today. The ideal fluorocarbon tippet for Trout, Grayling, Salmon, Sea Trout and Saltwater anglers.

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Latest News:

  • August 15th, 2019 - I have started adding inventory. You may notice those irritating sold out stickers slowly going away.

  • August 12th, 2019 - I tend to avoid fishing in the months starting with a J and ending with a Y. With that said, local area rivers and streams are fishing very well. get out and fish.

  • June 21st 2019 - Happy first day of summer from up here in the snowy rocky mountains of Colorado where we are expecting a big snow storm this weekend. So if you are bummed about the weather like me, go take a read of my latest blog post on hot spots in fly design which will surely brighten up your day.

  • June 6th 2019 - The fly bin is closed for seasonal inventory management - I sold out of almost everything, You guys rock! The shop will reopen for your post run-off needs in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, grab some materials and go tie some flies for yourself.

  • Food for thought

    • After tracking my land vs. loss statistics for the previous three seasons with specific hook models under close scrutiny, I have made the determination that I will now only tie my Czech Nymphs on Hanak model #333 and the Fulling Mill Czech hook. I will be passing this benefit along to you with flies and hooks that you can you trust.

    • Black matte beads look sexy, however I believe they appear optically larger to the fish than an equivalent sized reflective bead. Billiard players refer to large and small balls based on optical size, striped balls appear smaller than solid balls? reflective beads have stripes caused by the specular highlights from above AKA the sky, and they also reflect the surrounding colors. Dark reflective beads are as stealthy as you can get; ergo, I sell few matte beaded flies.
      What do you think? Please share your opinions or questions with me.

  • Did you know? You don’t have to fish euro-style to fish my flies. jigs are killer suspended under an indicator. Steelheaders out there know all about this. I do it.

  • Did you also know, stillwater anglers are discovering how effective my jigs are? They are, I have many repeat stillwater customers.

  • I am adding Colorado Front Range friendly patterns and sizes to the shop over the course of the season. These patterns are equally effective in the Wasatch range in Utah.

  • Deschutes River bound anglers will get a fly category devoted just to them. Afterall, that was my home river for the better part of my life. Just hit that big ol Deschutes River in the tag cloud.

  • Whiting dyed CDL tailing packs and CDL hen capes are HERE. These are the best feather I have ever tied with and are gorgeous on tactical patterns.

  • Follow me on instagram to get the latest inventory additions. I list ‘em here before the social media blasts.